Why enfore?

So that you can Focus on your Business

  • All-in-One Solution

    It is our firm belief that innovation and efficiency at the point of sale can only be achieved through the fusion of outstanding hardware, intelligent software and seamless payment processing. enfore is your partner for the digitalization of your business.

  • A System that Grows with you

    From your first steps to becoming an industry star, we are always by your side. Our enforePOS platform evolves in step with your business and knows no boundaries. For us, openness and scalability are not just words, but core design principles.

  • On Site & Online thought of as One

    These days, your customers switch seamlessly between online and on site experiences. They browse online and make purchase decisions in store. With our enforePOS platform, these two worlds merge harmoniously into a unified shopping experience - seamless and customer-oriented.

  • Focus on your Customer

    Our enforePOS platform helps you to better understand and serve your customers. In a customer-centric world, enforePOS equips you with the tools you need to win and retain loyal customers through first-class service.

  • Plug & Play

    Turn it on, use it, and replace it with another device if needed – enfore offers optimal device management and configuration. Our cloud ensures data security and constant availability. Even if the internet goes down – no problem thanks to reliable offline support.

  • Always by your Side

    You never walk alone. Trust that we are always reliably by your side. We accompany you from setup to seamless operation. Accessible anytime, we are your innovation partner, ensuring that you are always up-to-date and well-equipped.

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