To offer your customers what they want, when they want it and where they want it, you must be accessible through multiple sales channels and offer new ways of fulfillment. Your inventory management should be accurate and in real-time with a close connection to your suppliers. enfore provides you with powerful tools to make your retail business thrive in a connected world.

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Scanning or swiftly entering items manually in the Sales Register, paired with a transparent dialog on the customer display and fast payment processing, dramatically improves the overall checkout experience. Changing prices is a matter of seconds. Discounts, Coupons and Promotions are automatically applied by the built-in pricing engine.

Stock-taking and reconciliation can be conviently done on your mobile device, so you can keep your inventory accurate at all times. By alerting you just in time about low stock levels and by auto-restocking from your suppliers and with insights of what sells well and moves fast, enfore ensures that you always have the right items in stock.

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The powerful Sales Register lets you easily apply individual discounts, price changes or Coupons that you have issued. By offering Gift Cards, In-Store Credit and Loyalty & Rewards you keep new and existing customers coming back.

enfore’s tight integration of Inventory Management and purchasing lets you comfortably order from many different suppliers. It gives you a clear overview of your whole inventory and lets you compare costs of goods, margins and revenues, so you gain a better understanding of your profitability.

Listing your inventory on your own enfore-powered site and other online marketplaces requires no extra effort and increases your customer base manifold. With easy to use Order Management and Return Handling, fulfilling orders can be done efficiently, creating a delightful experience for your customers.


With integrated Customer Profiles in the Sales Register, as well as access to all inventory information on your stationary or mobile device, enfore allows you to have meaningful and uninterrupted sales conversations. Even payments can be done on the spot, resulting in a remarkable experience for your customers.

With templates, product databases and image search, enfore offers a fast way to add new sales items or augment existing ones in your inventory, no matter the complexity in size, color or form. At the touch of a button, your inventory is available on multiple sales channels with Order Management, Return Handling and stock levels always in sync. These tools allow you to easily expand your business far beyond your store location.

  • Offer a seamless customer experience from sales support to payment on your mobile device.
  • Sell on your enfore-powered website and external channels.
Inventory management
  • Make customized offers and effective sales with our powerful pricing engine.
  • Keep track of stock in real-time for multiple locations and restock automatically.
  • Take stock and reconcile inventory on your mobile device.
Fulfillment & Logistics
  • Track all incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Manage and process orders from external sales channels in one place.
  • Notify customers and schedule pick-up appointments automatically.

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