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Work With Us

While we don’t want to burst your bubble, working at enfore is not necessarily for everyone.

When working at enfore it is critical to understand: How to get a result is as important as the result itself. It is about what’s right for our platform and requirements and not about what is theoretically the most correct answer. Being able to adapt and to change, based on lessons learned along the way, is essential.

We take pride in trying to getting things right the first time – even when we know that there might be follow-up iterations based on new insights and new requirements.

Making what is already great a bit better, step by step, is not always fun but it is necessary for our objective. It takes incredible dedication, discipline, and collaboration to get the job done right and take it to the next level every single day.

At enfore, we focus on what really matters to execute our strategy and to achieve our objective.

So, if you are ready to pour your expertise, passion, and persistence into the best possible solution, get in touch and share your skills with 200 million+ businesses around the globe.

Our Core Principles


Bold, ambitious and patiently impatient, we pursue our objectives with determination - and plenty of team spirit.

Respect the Basics

Our work ethics are clear and simple. We are disciplined, focused, dependable and reliable. Every day, as long as it takes.


Sustained focus takes dedication. We start every day with a profound, performance-driven passion for the project.

Making sense

We are concise, consistent and uncompromising – in search of the best solutions for our objective; no politics, no non-sense, no hidden agenda.


We own our work and diligently review our work – we are responsible for the result. Because our work is a reflection of everything we do.


Honest, open and direct, we rely on transparent reviews. There is no tolerance for withholding information or silent compromises.

Current Openings

We take great care in hiring new enfore’lers. That’s why our hiring process may differ from what you have experienced in other companies. When you’re interested in a position in our engineering team, we will test your programming skills. We want to know if you are just applying a programming language or a framework or if you have really understood the underlying concepts and principles. Are you interested in a position outside of the engineering team, we like to assess your skills with an appropriate exercise, too (e.g. a presentation or another sort of work example).
During the in-person interviews, you will have the chance to meet your potential new colleagues from different roles across the company. And you will also experience the great working environment in our offices in Berlin or Hamburg.