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Helping 200 Million Run Their Business

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What We Do

200 million+ small businesses around the world are working hard every day to create a unique customer experience. We founded enfore to re-imagine how these businesses utilize technology and to enable them to stay competitive in a connected world. By combining innovative hardware, powerful and easy to use software as well as comprehensive services, enfore delivers an amazing solution to connect all business aspects.

We have a bold vision: In the future every small business should enjoy similar efficiencies and scale-effects that historically were only available to large enterprises.

enfore Business Platform

enfore Business Apps
enfore SDK
enfore MetaCompany

enfore is building an open business platform to develop solutions that help small businesses around the world to run their business – fast, easy and affordable.

enfore Business Apps


Run your business anywhere, anytime and on any device: in your store, at the office, in your warehouse, on-site with a customer or supplier and on the go - using a smart phone, tablet, computer or enfore Business Device.


enfore Business Apps will provide powerful tools covering a broad spectrum of functionality: productivity, communication, sales, production, procurement, delivery, reservation, accounting and much more to run your connected business.

Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy

Through simple and clear design, enfore Business Apps require no complicated set-up or configuration. You literally can’t go wrong – be productive in minutes thanks to a seamless user experience.

enfore Business Devices

Dasher und PayPad
Business Devices ≠ Personal Devices

We love our personal devices like smartphones, laptops or tablets and all of those can be used with enfore Business Apps. But for certain business needs, purpose-built devices are the way to go, e.g. enforeDasher, combining multiple hardware components in an amazing POS terminal, or the ultra-secure payment device enforePayPad. All enfore Business Devices are secure, robust, easy to set-up, maintenance free and designed to be shared among staff members.

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