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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I apply for a job at enfore?

Send us an email at jobs@enfore.com

How can I partner with enfore?

If you are a Consultant, Value Added Reseller, System Integrator or Device Manufacturer, let us know and email us at partner@enfore.com

Can I develop for the enfore Business Platform?

If you want to develop Apps that help small businesses around the world, contact us at developer@enfore.com

Why is the website and marketing material only in English?

enfore is a global company and has just started the pilot phase with selected customers. Once we launch in a given market, e.g. Germany, there will be a local country version of the website.


When will the product be commercially available?

Our products will launch this Summer in Germany. More international launch dates will be announced later this year.

What countries will enfore be available in?

Germany is the first country where our products will be available, the next countries up are the UK and the USA. More international launch dates will be announced later this year.

How much will the enfore devices and software cost?

enfore Business Devices will be unmatched in value and price, we will announce our actual pricing at launch this summer.

Are there installation costs?

No, our set-up process is simple and does not require you to hire an outside service. However we will make optional on-site install and device replacement services available.

Can I buy the hardware without the software?

enfore Business Devices are built as in integrated solution combining Hardware, Software and the Cloud Service - very similar to Apple products. However you will be able to download enforePOS for Windows 10, Mac OS and iOS to run on your existing devices.

How do I set/up install my enfore Business Devices?

Once you power on the device, you will be guided through the steps necessary to set-up your enfore device to your specific needs and create an enfore account.

How do I update my enfore software and what will it cost?

Software updates are free and automatically pushed via the cloud.

Will there be any monthly service costs?

No, once you buy an enfore Business Device, the software is included for free, forever. There are no monthly software charges.

Is the software compatible with other operating systems?

enforePOS will be available for download for Windows 10, Mac OS and iOS.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in the secure enfore Business Platform in the cloud. Protecting your data is our highest principle.

How do I become a pilot tester?

Send an email to info@enfore.com and we will be happy to answer your inquiry.