enfore goes International:

apart from our launch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are more countries to follow.

enfore Business Devices

Our devices are specifically designed for the individual requirements of all retail,- gastro,- as well as service areas. They are sturdy, yet classy and easily adapt to any environment. 



Our mobile POS terminal is characterised by its wide touch screen, embedded scanner for barcodes, coupons and customer cards, as well as reliable card reader for all common debit and credit cards, including contactless payment.



Classy yet sturdy stationary POS terminal with anti-glare 14" full HD touchscreen, embedded customer display with scanner for loyalty cards and coupons, as well as integrated receipt printer.



Sturdy POS terminal with anti-glare 14" full HD touchscreen, solid stand and numerous USB-ports for a maximum of flexibility.


enforePOS lets you choose the way to work, as well as the way to organize your processes. Since our solution adapts to your individual needs, it doesn’t matter whether you own a coffee shop, full-service restaurant, specialty retail store, fashion or cosmetics studio or else. Your enforePOS is flexible, safe and completely customized to your business.

Service Edition
Retail Edition
Gastro Edition