Hardware. Software. Payments.
Working together as one.

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Hardware. Software. Payments.
Working together as one.

enforeDasher 3

All in one tabletop POS device

Meet the future of point of sale technology - our compact and powerful all-in-one POS solution. Boasting a stunning display as well as customer display, the Dasher 3 is the ultimate tool for businesses of any size.

enforeComet 3

Versatile POS station

Introducing the sleek and versatile enforeComet 3 - the perfect solution for any modern business. With a vibrant display and a flexible stand that can be complemented by a customer facing device and adjusted to fit any counter space, this POS device is as practical as it is stylish.


Self-service terminal

Welcome our revolutionary self-service device - the perfect solution for businesses that want to enhance their customer experience. With the same display as Dasher- and Comet 3, the enforePrancer is the ultimate tool for streamlining your self service operations.


Compact entry level POS device

Our most versatile yet affordable POS device is the perfect solution for small businesses on a budget. With a smaller screen size than our enforeDasher model, this device is both compact and highly functional.

enforeCupid Plus

All in one entry level POS device

Cupid’s taller brother, the Cupid Plus is the perfect size match to any countertop. It comes with a bigger screen and a Customer Display with Card Payments, providing a powerful payment solution for your business.


Portable all in one POS device

Get ready to dance your way to the future of mobile POS with a dynamic solution that's designed to keep up with your business. Thanks to its rotatable display, Dancer is the perfect partner for any scenario, whether you need to take payments on the go or keep things stationary at the counter.

enforeDonner 2

Mobile all in one POS device

Donner is the perfect tool for taking orders and processing payments on the go. Whether you're running a busy boutique or a bustling pop-up store, the compact mobile device makes it easy to keep up with your customers' demands, all while looking sleek and professional.


On the go POS device

The Blitzen, our compact and powerful POS device is perfect for any business on the go. With its smaller form factor, Blitzen is the ultimate tool for taking orders and processing payments quickly and efficiently.

enforePOS 2 for Retail
Built for you - to help run your connected retail business.

A POS system designed to help retail stores sell in-store and online seamlessly, with built-in tools for sales, payments, fulfillment, customer loyalty and advanced inventory management.

Highly customizable Order Taking and Checkout Experience

enforePOS 2 puts you in control with customizable order taking , allowing you to create a checkout experience that perfectly suits your business needs. From payment methods to setting up discounts - every aspect of your checkout process will be uniquely yours. Per device or shared across devices to make changes remotely with ease.

Sell Online with Store, Quick Checkout and Order Templates

With just a few clicks, you can have your store up and running in no time. And with the help of quick checkout and order templates, you can simplify the online buying process. As enforePOS 2 allows you to sell single products or predefined baskets, your customers will have the flexibility they need to make purchases on their terms, whether they prefer to buy in-store or online.

Payments at its best

All enforePOS 2 devices come fully equipped with integrated card payment capabilities, making it easy to accept payments contactless or via chip and pin. On top of that, customer can pay with their account balance or even pay later online.

Endless Aisle, Click & Collect and Ship from Store

With features like Endless Aisle, Click & Collect, and Ship from Store, enforePOS 2 enables you to offer products beyond your available storage space, bring customers into your location by ordering online and picking it up, or fulfill online orders from your POS locations.

Promotions, Loyalty and Marketing – all built around your customers

enforePOS 2 isn’t just a tool for processing transactions; it’s a powerful marketing tool helping you to understand your customers, build loyalty, and drive sales. With features like Promotions, Loyalty  and Marketing, our software enables you to create a truly personalized experience for your customers, and stay connected with them every step of the way.

Inventory Management, Stock Taking and Goods-in

Our software is designed to help you manage your inventory with ease, giving you a complete overview of stock availability, organizing stock taking and even managing your goods-in flow. You’ll always know what products are in stock and when you need to reorder.

Built to Scale

Manage POS and Storage Locations, provision and configure devices remotely and connect staff with identity providers.

Open APIs & Integrations

Integrate your backend systems and partner services via our Open APIs and other integration touch points like custom workflows.

Flexible Pricing & Support Options

From the smallest retailer that is just starting out, established retail chains with 1-5 POS Locations up to global enterprise – with our flexible multi tier pricing model free, plus, premium and enterprise we have the right offering for you.

enforePOS for Retail

Built for retail · Built for you

Say hello to seamless transactions, customer loyalty and inventory management. With enforePOS for Retail, you’ll have the power to optimize your operations and provide exceptional customer experiences.

enforePOS for Restaurants

Built for restaurants · Built for you

From mobile ordering to production management, our software streamlines every aspect of your restaurant operations. Increase efficiency, reduce wait times, and enhance customer satisfaction with our user-friendly interface. With enforePOS 2, you’ll have everything you need to run a successful restaurant at your fingertips.

enforePOS for Services

Built for services · Built for you

Say goodbye to manual booking systems and hello to a user-friendly interface that allows you to schedule appointments online, manage your team’s schedules, process payments, track sales, and analyze customer data all in one place.